Central Bank: The High Dollar Auction Sales For Wednesday’s Session

Follow-up / newspaper uprightness: Sales of the Iraqi Central Bank of the dollar at an auction sale and purchase of foreign currencies in Wednesday’s session and reached / / 237 million / 207 / thousand dollars, after it reached yesterday / / 174 million / 349 / thousand dollars, a stable exchange rate of $ […]

Brent Oil Prices Retreat

Brent crude fell slightly but remained above $ 107 a barrel Wednesday, with price stability due to a glut in oil supply despite the global geopolitical tensions that threaten supplies from major producing areas. By at 06:03 GMT, Brent crude for delivery in September 11 cents to 107.22 dollars a barrel after it came down […]

Lower Sales of Central Bank Auction Today to 101 Million Dollars

Follow-up – and babysit – decreased central bank sales of dollar in the auction, to 101 million after it reached 140 on Sunday and 598 000 million dollars. According to a statement of the bank received news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Monday, a copy of the “size of the amount sold by the […]

Finance: Merging The Budgets of 2014 – 2015 Mean Economic Damage And an Imbalance Legally

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – July 21 warned the Ministry of Finance, the House of Representatives, from the integration of Almoish current which did not acknowledge until now with the budget next year, noting that the adoption of the law of the financial budget for the current year should be at the forefront of his […]

Jordanian Investors: Losing 120 Million Dollars a Month Because of The Security Situation in Iraq

Detection Union investors Free Zone of Jordan, on Friday, the halt auto exports to Iraq since last month due to the deteriorating security situation in which, after it had been issued more than 9,000 cars a month, and noted that investors are losing every month about 120 million dollars, as he emphasized that the continued […]

Rise in Central Bank Sales to Sunday’s Session

Sales of the Iraqi Central Bank, Sunday, a rise of 140 million dollars, through the participation of 14 banks at an auction on Sunday. The bulletin indicated that the special auctions that the meeting witnessed a rise in sales of the bank for up to 140 000 598 thousand dollars, were covered by the bank […]

The Financial Strength of The Country to Qualify For a Credit Rating

BAGHDAD – Mustafa al-Hashemi: Represents the acquisition of a high degree of credit rating of any country in the world’s major economic importance in determining future scenarios for the economy and that comes through increasing the volume of foreign investments, given their importance in the economic advancement of the country at all levels. In this […]