Budget 2014 not where the dimensions of the development investment

SENIOR ECONOMIST: BUDGET 2014 NOT WHERE THE DIMENSIONS OF THE DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT Baghdad / Baghdadi news / .. Economic expert revealed peace Sumaisem, Tuesday, does not contain the budget year 2014 on any dimensions of development, stressing that it does not differ from its predecessors by being rentier budget depends on oil imports. She Sumaisem L / Baghdadi News / […]

8 senior officials at the central bank have been convicted

PRISON AGAINST EIGHT SENIOR OFFICIALS AT THE CENTRAL BANK HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF CORRUPTION Alsumaria News / Baghdad reported a source in the Integrity Commission, on Tuesday, that the eight employees senior Central bank of Iraq sentenced to prison for eight months for being convicted of corruption. source said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The Integrity Commission referred, […]

Maliki to Anbar to discuss the U.S. demands order

MALIKI TO ANBAR TO DISCUSS THE U.S. DEMANDS ORDER The Board of Anbar province, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will visit the province, and pointed to an agreement with the federal government on the redeployment of the Awakening forces led by Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, and said that government forces have benefited from information American in their operations ongoing inthe province. Deputy […]

U.S. Treasury paint a positive picture of the economy

U.S. TREASURY PAINT A POSITIVE PICTURE OF THE ECONOMY Semi-annual report fee flies and the U.S. Treasury Department to Congress, a positive image of the U.S. economy and its growth. It pointed to «the steady decline in the annual deficit of the general budget», saying that developing economies «reconsidered in the growth prospects are likely to fall in the medium and […]

Integrated economic plan for achieving sustainable development

FINANCE COMMITTEE CALLS ON THE GOVERNMENT TO ADOPT AN INTEGRATED ECONOMIC PLAN FOR ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THE COUNTRY The member of the Finance Committee MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Dler unable to need to adopt an economic plan integrated working to support the private sector and other productive sectors to achieve sustainable development in the country. said is capable (of the Agency […]

11-4-13 CBI: lower dollar sales at auction Sunday

11-4-13 CBI: LOWER DOLLAR SALES AT AUCTION SUNDAY Decreased sales of the Iraqi CBI of the dollar in the auction sale and purchase of foreign currency on Sunday to 176 million and 391thousand dollars, after that on Thursday reached 185 million and 732 thousand dollars, a stable exchange rate 1166 dinars per dollar. She said the daily bulletin issued by […]